Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CAPSoff FAQ (updated 21 August)

Although the CAPSoff campaign was launched only a few breathless minutes ago, some people have asked pertinent questions that deserve an answer.

- Question: how do I enter C macros, which have to be uppercase? Answer: you still program in C? Bizarre. So do I. Anyhow, if you notice, when you use CAPS LOCK, you have to press shift to get an underscore. Very annoying. So do what I do, and hold the SHIFT key with one pinkie, then type your macro.

- Question: what about data-entry people who NEED TO DO EVERYTHING IN CAPS? Answer: I've nothing against the caps-lock function. It can be a convenient combination like Ctrl+Alt+Ins. It just should not be a (large and easily pressed) key (in such a useful location).

- Question: I've remapped CAPS LOCK to CTRL. What will I do if CAPS LOCK disappears? Answer: wouldn't you rather just get new keyboards with Control where you expect it?

- Question: are you serious? Answer: always. :-) The CAPS LOCK key must go.


Blogger Nuxols said...

And your problem with the caps-lock key is? Seriously, you say you don't mind keeping the functionality, but you want the key gone?! You are a fucking hypocritical jackass.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Pieter Hintjens said...

Well, I have one specific problem with the CAPS LOCK key, and one general problem with it. The specific problem is that it replaced a much more useful key, Ctrl, some years ago. Yes, one cam remap the keys. yes, one can buy special keyboards. I do all this. But it's a hack.

The general problem is that the key is large, and sits in an important place (just under the left pinkie for touch typists) and is only used very rarely, by people with special needs. Scam artists, Fortran programmers, and GNAA trolls on Slashdot.

I guess you need to study what the word "hypocritical" means. It's someone who says something and does something else. I would be a hypocrite if I fought against the CAPS LOCK key but used it myself, for instance.

The key is not the function. Consider Cut or Paste. These are functions. They are currently on a key combination. You could argue to give them their own key. You could argue against that, without being a hypocrite.

Thank you for your contribution, but you should learn some manners and not insult people gratuitously. I don't care, but the Internet has long memories and one day you might be looking for a job and your employer finds your comments.

7:42 AM  
Blogger M. S. said...

Sign me up...I dont know shit about fortran, zoltan...C+-...or any of that programming garbage.

What I do know is that I almost throw my laptop against the wall at least 4 times a day when I realize that I hit that friggin key...once again.

I am in, create the petition and teach me how to make an electronic signature and I am yours.

2:37 PM  
Blogger IneededAfreeBloggerAccount said...

i wont' insult you, but nuxols does have a point. You want to get rid of the key, and in the same post you say to move it to the top...which one are you for?

i'm for moving it to the top like you suggested. you forgot to mention folks (like my wife) who use it for CAD all day long. don't know how or why, but she has to have it to do her CAD work.

Cool idea, and I look forward to following the project!

6:36 PM  
Blogger bgblitz said...

Well, the Caps-Lock is an annoyance, that's for sure, so I support you.
My way to handle it is very simple:
a flat screwdriver, a little pressure for a fraction of a second and you will never ever accidently use it :)
Sure, this is a hack too and wastes the keyboard space, but very effective.... You only have to be careful, if a maintenance technican comes along and want to replace the defective keyboard.. LOL

7:26 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

One of my Winadmin (free) tools is waNOCAPS, a registry hack to make the CAPSLOCK into a Ctrl. I agree with Pieter: I've had the same dislike for the CAPS key since 2004:

7:25 AM  
Blogger Pierre said...

When I type a macro I don't have to press [Shift]. I press [Caps Lock] AND_I_TYPE_TEXT. AND I PRESS [CAPS LOCK] again.

How? By using Linux.
If I press shift, it writes numbers.

And if I want to type É À Ç È Ë Ù I just press the caps lock.

So there is no need to remove it, just remove Windows

3:18 AM  
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